Why do my solar panels need cleaning?

It is often a questions that is debated in countries that are investing heavily in #renewables such as Australia – As of the end of April 2020, Australia has approximately 3.496 GW of Solar Plants in operation and a further 2.042 GW of Solar Plants in construction.

This numbers combined mean that there will be approximately 5.538 GW of operational Solar Plants by January, 2021. If we were to use an average of 350w per panel for project in operation and construction (panel capacity is increasing significantly more than this figure today, but we need to use an average to allow for the earlier project construction) we would be looking at there being approximately 15,822,857 Solar Panels Installed from Utility Scale Projects in Australia to date.

We list our 3 Key Points for why solar panels need cleaning regularly

  • Output Efficiency: It is estimated that uncleaned panels can lose between 15-25% of Output Efficiency if a regular cleaning program is not implemented

  • Module Warranty Claims: Virtually every single solar panel manufacturers warranties will reference regular cleaning – already, when claims are being made against warranties on ‘faulty’ solar panels, manufacturers are asking for the claimant to make proof that a regular cleaning program has been undertaken on the project

  • Regular Cleaning Program: If panels are not cleaned regularly, bird droppings, bee pollen, dirt, dust and other sources of detritus can adhere to solar panels strongly and in hotter regions of the country become ‘baked’ on to the panel and prove extremely difficult to remove without damaging the Panel. With a regular cleaning program established, the risk of this outcome reduces significantly.

With loss of output efficiency, rejected module warranty claims and an increase in damaged modules the outcome if panels are not cleaned and maintained, we feel the question of ‘why do my solar panels need cleaning’ needs to be flipped to ‘how can I afford to risk not committing to a regular panel cleaning program?’

Contact us at today to set up your panel cleaning program to protect your most valuable asset.

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