What is Solar Panel Thermal Imaging and why is it needed?

Over the lifespan of your Solar Panels, ‘heating defects’ can form or occur, therefore causing the Panels to become less efficient and produce less electricity and revenue.

Some of these heating defects can cause solar cells to break down. More serious heating issues can produce a reverse current, which might damage the entire solar system.

Thermal Imaging is a non-destructive or invasive process where solar panels are inspected ‘operational and under load’ with Thermal Imaging cameras.

Cameras are generally operated from a drone-based platform and as per pictures below, can show accurate temperature differences between cells and allows you to identify ‘hot spots’ on solar panels very early on before they lead to damage of a section of your project through reverse current.

At #Tranexutilities we offer a hassle-free, regular maintenance program where a regular Thermal Imaging report is produced for your asset, identifying areas of issue early on and proposing a maintenance solution - This then provides you with an opportunity to take action before irreparable damage is caused.

Our dedicated Field Service Technicians, Client Service Managers, Technical Experts, and Performance Analysts help you sustain portfolio performance and maximize your energy generation.

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