Like all assets, electrical power equipment degrades over time, but this does not mean that it has to fail. Tranex Utilities assess the condition of your asset and determine the most cost-effective and practical solution that will increase the performance, safety and reliability of your solar farm.

Routine solar panel washing at your solar farm can greatly improve energy output. Dirt, debris, and bird droppings negatively impact a panel’s energy production. If your farm is in a region that regularly experiences rainfall, the grime left behind when rain evaporates also poses threats to energy output.

Appropriate scheduling and frequency of preventative maintenance is dictated by a number of factors. These include the technology selected, environmental conditions of the site, warranty terms and seasonal variances. Scheduled maintenance is generally carried out at intervals planned in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, and as required by equipment warranties. Scheduled maintenance that requires plant shutdown should be conducted where possible during nonpeak production periods, such as early morning or evening. Although scheduled maintenance will both maximise production and prolong the life of the plant, it does represent a cost to the project both in terms of expenses incurred and lost revenue due to reduced power generation. Therefore, the aim should be to seek the optimum balance between the cost of scheduled maintenance and increased yield over the life of the system.

Module cleaning is a simple but important task. It can produce significant and immediate benefits in terms of energy yield. The frequency of module cleaning will depend on local site conditions and the time of year. As the level of module soiling is site-specific, the duration between cleans will vary significantly between sites. The frequency to clean modules will be dictated by factors such as site and surrounding area ground covering (dusty and arid sites will result in more soiling) and local rainfall patterns (drier areas will result in more soiling).

Tranex Utilities O&M provides utility-scale solar panel washing solutions for solar farms. We use a cleaning formula and customized power washers to carefully and efficiently clean acres of PV panels. Our washing is efficient and fully tailored to your site; our crews are vigilant and ensure that equipment is cleaned and unharmed during the panel washing.


Tranex Utilitie's preventive maintenance program includes:

  • Maintenance program that is tailored to your asset needs

  • Identification of assets that may be be at risk of failing

  • Prompt repair/replacement of defective equipment found during inspection and testing

  • Inventory of spare parts for equipment that needs frequent repairs

  • All maintenance & testing records maintained and trended electronically

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